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November 23, 2015
Crystal Frost
"Red Door"
67 files 3456x2304 209

Crystal fresh out of the tub and soaking wet.
She shows us her hot body and pointed toes.
I say its wild and cool.

November 18, 2015
59 files 3456x2304 208

Qi ran into a wall you see, a wall a wall and that's not all her hair is there
you stare and stare and there's the wall and she so tall.
Qi ran into a wall you see as naked as naked as she should only be
Qi ran into a wall for free her bush her bush and yes a tush
Qi ran into a wall you see as free as free as could be.

November 16, 2015
"Gold Chair"
100 files 3456x2304 207

November 15, 2015
"Toe Suck"
21 files 1280x960 206
I remember this shoot from 2003 like it was yesterday.
Heather showed up with her husband and he hung out for about an
hour then took off for a bit. Heather and I kept working and came up with some
pretty cool photos and video. Her are a set of photos of her. I love her eyes and what she is doing to her feet.

November 11, 2015
"Take Me For A Ride"
77 files 1728x1152 205
This was a glorious shoot. Karyna's has the best feet I have ever seen.
Everything is perfect. Her toes, arches, heels. She has it all. This set of
her was taken in my back yard and it among the best I have ever taken of her.

November 9, 2015
"Purple Strings"
37 files 1728x1152 204

I loved shooting with Gianna on this photoset.
She has a pair of the most gorgeous feet I have ever seen.
Let's call them top shelf.
Her wrinkled soles and pointed toes, should make your heart leap a little.
It does mine.
Footfetish heaven here.

November 8, 2015
47 files 1728x1152 203
This was my first shoot with Lexi.
We did the shoot in Manchester New Hampshire.
It was a cold day in January and there was no heat in the studio.
We used a space heater and got thru it anyway.
Lexi has the most delicious looking body ever.
Her feet are high arched and

November 7, 2015
"Bare Bottom"
27 files 5184x3456 202
There is something about Tiffany.
She exudes sensuality and passion.
Tiffany goes totally nude for this set and her pointed toes and black bush add
fuel to the fire. Enjoy the sample.
Members get to see it all.

November 2, 2015
"Sheer Panties"
159 files 2496x1664 201
This was from my first shoot with Ophelia.
She wore these see thru panties and I could see her patch and labia.
She did her foot poses and soon the panties were off. I was impressed. :O)

November 1, 2015
"Pink Kini"
114 files 3456x2304 200
Baile is stunning in this tiny pink bikini. I dont think it could be any smaller.
She shows us her buff body and she looks awesome.

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